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  • Doll Buggy

    Wooden Doll Buggy, includes padded fabric mattress - an excellent role play and imagination building toy.  Encourages social skills and allows the child to enjoy endless hours of pretend play.  Suitable for children over 18 months.  All Viga toys are made from non-toxic paint and inks complying to EN71, ASTM, ST2002 and GB6675 Toy Standards.  Made from...

  • Doll House

    This classic wooden Doll House is made of a quality natural wood frame with hand painted detail. The little windows and doors open and close. The open plan house can be arrange with the furniture in any way that the child wishes. It includes 24 pcs of furniture for a bedroom, bathroom, lounge, dining room and kitchen. A granny and grandpa set of dolls is...

  • Magnetic Dress-up Boy

    This magnetic wooden dress up set includes a magnetic wooden boy doll, a wooden stand, 36 pieces of outfit and accessories to dress up the boy. Outfits include a knight, fireman, chef, athlete, pirate, superhero, construction worker/carpenter and cricketer. Suitable for over 3 years

  • Magnetic Dress-up Girl

    This magnetic wooden dress up set includes a magnetic wooden girl doll, a wooden stand, 36 pieces of outfits and accessories to dress up the girl. Suitable for over 3 years

  • Medical Kit

    Wooden 10 piece Medical Kit in a cardboard suitcase. Size of case : 21 x 16 x 6 cm

  • Fishing Game

    This popular, wooden Fishing Game consists of a fishing pond with 4 magnetic fishing rods and 20 fish. The fish are brightly painted on one side and have the numbers 1- 20 on the reverse side. This is can be played with as both a toy and a game. The fishing pond folds flat for easy storage. Size: 350 x 130 x 50mm

  • Tool Box 10pcs

    A cool wooden Tool Set comes with 10 different basic tools in a wooden box. Great for indoor or outdoor play. You can be just like a worker. Great for encouraging fine motor skills. Size: 290 x 220 x55 mm

  • Ring Toss Animals

    Ring Toss Animals is an interactive game for children 3 years and older.  It is suitable for symbolic play and encourages social interaction as well as competitiveness with peers.  Also excellent for Hand-Eye Coordination and reasoning. Made from high quality wood, with 100% safety standards.  Viga Ring Toss Animals are made of non toxic paints and inks...

  • Trace & Balance

    Trace and Balance is the perfect balancing game and ideal for exercise. It contains 1 balancing board and 4 wooden balls.  Place your feet on either side of the board where the foot markings are.  Stand on the board firmly and try to maintain your balance while rolling the ball in the trail from one side to the other by moving your body. Suitable for ages...

  • Throwing Sandbags

    A great throwing game - consisting of a wooden framed stand and 3 bean bags.  Try to throw the ban bags into the holes.  The higher you throw the better your score.  Play with friends or family and see who can get the highest score!  Foldable frame for easy carrying and a net bag attached to one of the holes for storage of the bean bags.  Teaches...

  • Magnetic Theatre with 4 Stages

    Brilliant concept for imaginative and interactive play - a magnetic story time theatre to perform 4 world famous fairy tales: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio and The Three Little Pigs. Characters slide on and off the stage with magnetic sticks.  Contains 15 wooden characters, 2 wooden sticks, 1 stage, 4 cardboard backgrounds and a booklet...

  • Magnetic Animals 20pc

    Colourful, wooden magnetic pieces of 20 different types of animals. Each piece is approximately 8 x 6cm. Suitable for ages 36 months and older.

  • 3D Farm

    Lovely wooden farm set. Consists of four interlocking pieces that form the base, a clip together farm house and barn, two trees, a fence and a tractor, horse, cow, goat, hen, duck, dog and farmer.  30 pieces in all to create a fantastic farm for hours of fun.  Suitable for children over 36 months.  Size 400 x 400 x120mm

  • Shopping Cart

    Wooden Shopping Cart suitable for Toddlers that are learning to walk.  Can be used as a baby walker and as a trolley for shopping.   Size: 480 x 300 x 415mm

  • Cash Register

    A wooden cash register with press buttons and a paper till roll, ensures that a receipt can be given. It also has a drawer to keep cash in.  Includes a wooden scanner, one credit card and 40 wooden coins.  Will encourage children to learn money values while having fun.  Also an excellent role play and imagination building toy.  Encourages social skills...

  • Standing Easel Double Sided

    This upright standing blackboard on one side and whiteboard with magnet is made of a high quality, strong and stable beechwood. Two clips on the whiteboard side are for fixing drawing paper to the board for painting or art. A panel below the board can house chalk, pens and erasers as well as four holes to hold paint pots. Size: 1250 x 590 x 480mm

  • Balancing Game - Elephant

    Interesting game for toddlers 3 years and older, which includes 1 elephant base , 24 cylindrical pieces in various 3 varying sizes and 1 dice. Roll the dice to start the stacking fun.  Match the colour on the dice to a cylinder and fit the matching cylinder where necessary or possible.  Watch out that it all does not come tumbling down!! The elephant base...